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Our History

We are the world’s leading content creation and curation agency.

For two decades, VRX Studios has earned the reputation as the hospitality industry’s leading photography and visual content company.

In our early years, we were the sole content provider for Expedia and pioneered new ways to capture, process and deliver visual content. With compelling photography, interactive maps and 360 degree virtual tours, we set new benchmarks for the way travel and hospitality is presented online. We helped re-imagine the visceral experience of travel, while remaining focused on delivering high returns on our partners’ investments.

VRX built a reputation for our commitment to innovation and our dedication to quality and customer service. Our photography, videography and digital content have enhanced marketing programs for more than 19,000+ customers across more than 25,000+ unique sites and channels.

We proudly have enjoyed long term partnerships with some of the leaders in Hospitality including Hyatt, Hilton Hotels and Resorts, Fairmont, Wyndham, Shangri-La, Kempinski, Radisson Hotel Group, Caesars Entertainment, IHG, Princess Cruises and Holland America among others.

Today, VRX is an award-winning leader in prescriptive content creation and curation. We take a proactive approach in helping companies build identity, create positive brand sentiment and achieve results with outstanding content, advanced technology, innovative ideation and powerful strategy. We continue to shift the paradigm of how the world thinks about the hospitality industry.

We have photographed and created content in
131 countries
and counting
World map highlighting the countries VRX Studios have created content for.
VRX Studios' office space photography of main entrance, lounge area and dining area
VRX Studios' office space photography of couch and coffee table
VRX Studios' office space photography of meeting room
VRX Studios team member sitting on window sill in VRX office
Quote from VRX Studios team member

I love VRX because, at its core, VRX is a complex team of dynamic, creative and energetic individuals who enjoy working together while maintaining an attractive and welcoming environment.

Aklilu Mulat
Director of Finance | VRX Studios

Two VRX Studios team members working on couch in VRX office

Our Core Values

1 in orange circle
An Uncompromising
Commitment to Quality
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as a Team
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The Relentless
Pursuit of Innovation
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Rock Solid
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Personal Growth

Our People

Our People

Tinu Mathur - President of VRX Studios

Tinu Mathur

Tinu is a passionate and visionary leader who applies creativity to all facets of business and life.

His innovative style infuses a bespoke approach built on big picture thinking, strategy and outcomes. Tinu believes in the discovery process, deeply understanding the needs of partners and their projects, then building the pathways to success through the details. Continually at the forefront of many industries he has unique insights that drive VRX into complimentary strategic directions. He leads prescriptive solutions that help brands innovate and do things differently, redefining the future of content efficacy. His caring and nurturing style has empowered team members, partners and the industry to success.

Tinu’s career has spanned over three decades with leadership in content, marketing, technology and global business development with engagements including work with partners including the NBA, Segway, NTT DoCoMo, Bandai, Getty, and Samsung among others. Socially conscious he has been involved in community and international causes with the International Red Cross, Canadian Cancer Society and has been serving as the Chair for the Burnaby Hospital Foundation for the past 4 years. Tinu loves life, travel, adventure, sports, astronomy, literature and food. He hopes to write children’s books in the future.

Stephanie Co - Senior Content Strategist and Brand Steward for VRX Studios

Stephanie Co
Senior Content Strategist &
Brand Steward

Steph is a thought leader. She passionately creates a vision for content through her relentless attention to detail, resourcefulness, deep industry knowledge and her uncanny ability to anticipate client needs. Through art direction she then leads the teams to successful execution. Steph manages VRX’s high profile relationships while being dedicated to continually elevating the company’s quality standards. She is shifting the paradigm for content strategy with a focus on our partners’ growth through engaging leadership and enriching their visual identity.

Steph has worked in the creative industry for as long as she can remember. She has been on board with VRX for eight years as a driving force in expanding VRX’s scope with new business models and verticals. She previously worked with agencies and organizations including Industrial Brand, Cowie and Fox, and the Vancouver Film School.

Aside from her professional commitments, Steph is a foodie who loves travel, design, living a balanced life and inspiring moments of optimism. She is involved with many sports and holds volunteer roles with the Vancouver Dodgeball League.

Justin Kriel - Head of Photography for VRX Studios

Justin Kriel
Head of Photography

A professional photographer for more than 15 years, Justin has worked with clients and projects in almost every niche of commercial photography. His work has been featured in publications such as DC Modern Luxury, Washington Life, American Spa, New York Post and Washington Post. 

 Justin found his calling in architectural photography and joined VRX as a photographer in 2008, becoming Head of Photography in 2012. Justin is a dynamic and determined leader for the global Photography Team. As the conduit between the field teams and Studio, he works tirelessly drive quality and creativity at the forefront of every project while constantly seeking to improve operational efficiencies. Justin lists communication as the cornerstone for his success in helping teams excel and deliver outstanding results for clients. 

Born and raised in South Africa, Justin has lived in every corner of the globe but currently lives in Northern Virginia with his wife, daughter and son.

Sunil Menon - Director of Sales for VRX Studios

Sunil Menon
Director of Sales

For more than two decades, Sunil has been nurturing his abilities and natural talents for relationship building and business development. His career has led him throughout North America and Asia across a diverse range of industries spanning hospitality, media and technology. With an MBA focused in marketing, his past engagements include Careerbuilder.com, TMP Worldwide, Hospitality Careers and Sony Entertainment.

Sunil has proven himself as a leader who can smoothly combine people management with business process improvement to bring deeper client engagement. He has been successful in building and developing VRX’s central relationships, while leading initiatives to raise the VRX profile and develop new business. His hands-on approach creates positive outcomes with a lasting effect.

Sunil is a proud and busy father of two boys and an active soccer and baseball coach.

Fiona Sham - Global Account Administrator for VRX Studios

Fiona Sham
Global Account Administrator &
Operations Manager

Operations expert and master of everything, Fiona is the nexus of the VRX global operations. Fiona has a finger on the pulse of all things, speaks the language of every department, and is constantly connecting the dots to make sure that deadlines are managed while partner expectations are always met. Her professional focus has been to continually improve the way things work, finding efficiencies and redefining workflows in real time. Fiona has a unique intuition for adapting processes to meet our partners’ business needs across the globe. Her fearless leadership style is infectious as she applies creativity to the heart of the VRX engine.

Her past engagements include Sierra Canada Food Service, Boston Pizza and Wyndham International. At VRX, Fiona has been at the forefront of the company’s strategic planning and leading the group towards the next generation platform of systems.

When not consumed being VRX's go-to person, Fiona enjoys traveling, making the most of time with family and friends, and continuing her work at becoming an inspiring female role model.

Damian Kuehn - Senior Production Manager and Producer of VRX Studios

Damian Kuehn
Senior Production Manager & Producer

Roma Sumra - Stylist for VRX Studios

Roma Sumra
Senior Stylist

Roma has been a recognized leader in the creative industry since the 90’s. As a Senior Stylist she carefully balances the brand needs of our partners while infusing her unique creativity to create an aesthetic that sets every project apart. Her endless energy is palpable and dovetails nicely with her stylistic elegance. 

Roma is a passionate bridge as a creative interpreter who works to capture clients’ visions and help transform those aspirations into timeless and artistic canvases for our photography and videography teams. She strives to learn, adapt and grow through every project she takes on. Already one of VRX’s most traveled agents, her pillars for the future include touching new corners of the globe, forging new partnerships, and evolving both professionally and personally. 

Inspired by the words of Maya Angelou, Roma’s mission is to thrive "and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” Over the years Roma has produced work with Mac Cosmetics, Holt Renfrew, Diesel, numerous charitable galas and used to run an annual art and fashion fundraising event - A Room With a View.

Wade Chan-Kent - Video Production for VRX Studios

Wade Chan-Kent
Senior Videographer

Wade first joined VRX as a photographer in 2003 and rejoined the team as lead videographer in 2011. Wade has helped VRX develop and expand its video storytelling to lead rapidly evolving partner needs and industry trends. He is also the owner and operator of an independent production studio that specializes in corporate videos and weddings.  

Wade makes emotional connections with audiences by creating visual experiences that people can hold onto and remember with their eyes closed. From video production to masterful editing, Wade leads the way to deliver even more options, capacities and technologies to help clients tell their stories better.  

An experienced entrepreneur and business owner, Wade also brings a business sensibility that helps partners connect the dots between creative inspirations and business goals.

Aklilu Mulat - Director of Finance and Operations of VRX Studios

Aklilu Mulat
Director of Finance & Operations

As Director of Finance & Operations for VRX, Aklilu links the group’s creative strategies to effective financial and operational planning. Aklilu joined VRX in 2016 and his more than 25 years of international financial management experience underpins VRX’s global financial operations.  

Aklilu’s past professional experience has led him to positions as financial controller consultant for a number of businesses in the Vancouver area all with global reaches. As well as being a FCPA/FCMA, he has also served as a moderator/trainer with the Certified Management Accountants of B.C. and is currently an Adjunct Professor at the Sauder School of Business. Aklilu has served with various not-for-profit organizations as a leader in financial, operational, and strategic areas, and has sat as a board member of a leadership development organizations. 

Aklilu has been a contributing factor to VRX’s dynamic and vibrant culture and looks forward to helping drive the company’s future growth and modeling the diversified product offerings. Beyond the walls of VRX, Aklilu is an avid kayaker and an enthusiast for the West Coast outdoors.

Troy Zirk - Marketing Technologist of VRX Studios

Troy Zirk
Marketing Technologist

Troy is a technology leader who cuts through the noise and loves problem solution, adeptly implementing solutions that are practical forward thinking. 

He has been an IT specialist for more than 17 years, with eight of those spent at VRX as developer and marketing technologist. He specializes in back-end database-driven web sites, and is interested in things like SharePoint, SQL Server 2005 and C#.NET. He is constantly improving products and processes, and developing new applications to help partners create better experiences for their customers. His passion for technology applications to improve the quality of life are at the forefront of his thinking, while still having fun. 

Outside his commitment to VRX, Troy cycles, plays tennis and does as much traveling as possible.

Emily Choi - Senior Designer for VRX Studios

Emily Choi
Senior Designer

Emily has been a design professional and VRX’s resident guru for more than a decade. Her rock solid visual leadership and elegant sense of design elevates VRX’s core communications assets and sets the tone for our unique brand of visual storytelling. Emily’s design thinking contextualizes each content experience and makes sure the harmony of visuals and text engage leading to effective communications in an aesthetically pleasing manner across all cultures. Working in a global environment, Emily expertly engages all stakeholders to strategize new ways to deliver amazing user experiences.

Emily’s personal attention is centered on learning, whether that be exploring different cultures and destinations or expanding her knowledge of design and user experience. She is also currently focused on being a fantastic mother to a toddler son.

Kevin Armitage - Chair and Owner of VRX Studios

Kevin Armitage
Chair & Owner

A seasoned entrepreneur and business leader, Kevin has been building teams, practices and businesses for more than 24 years. He likes results and likes rolling up his sleeves to get things done. He is also a dedicated and inclusive leader, committed to the success of his teams and people. 

Kevin took over as chair and owner of VRX in 2014 and has been integral in helping the company fulfill its destiny as the world’s leading content agency. Kevin’s expertise finds him advising on VRX’s core business and financial strategies. His personal mantra is finding that seamless balance between meaningful work to keep out of trouble, and an abundance of life to keep happy. When disconnected from work, Kevin coaches his sons’ sports teams and enjoys the renaissance of the great outdoors.

“I’ve rarely encountered such a polite staff as VRX. Every transaction with them is a pleasant experience as they treat me more like a friend rather than a customer.”

Cody Harmon
Multimedia Designer, TMI Hospitality

Careers at VRX Studios

Our passionate, close-knit family is constantly striving to help change the face of the travel, hospitality and visual content industries. If that sounds like something you want to be a part of, we can't wait to hear from you. Please see below for our current job openings.

Developer/Marketing Technologist - Full-Time

VRX Studios
Vancouver, BC

As Marketing is progressively digitized, the supporting technologies are growing quickly in both their complexity and sheer numbers. Growing to the point where many modern-day marketers need assistance using the tools they rely on, and that’s where Marketing Technologists enter. They possess a good understanding of client and internal integrations and the ability to assess and work with a variety of APIs.

About you:
You are a intermediate to senior developer who possess the rare combination of an understanding of modern-day marketing practices and love and skill for learning new technologies. You are a natural problem solver and can diagnose/fix issues quickly. You are a master at multi-tasking and embrace every day’s challenges with a can-do mentality. You don’t necessarily need to have an extensive history of developing experience but have knowledge and experience in the following fields below (preferably with a minimum of 2-3 years).

Microsoft C#.NET development:

  • Developing, configuring, and maintaining Azure SQL database-driven Web apps
  • Developing, configuring, and maintaining C# console apps
  • Using Visual Studio version 2015 and higher

SQL Server database administration:

  • Creating database users and assigning permissions
  • Writing SQL queries for a single database or for multiple databases (distributed queries)
  • Writing SQL queries targeting multiple database servers, as in, distributed queries
  • Using SQL Server version 2008 and higher and Azure SQL databases

Microsoft Azure portal administration:

  • Creating, configuring, and maintaining Azure Web apps
  • Administering Azure SQL databases
  • Administering Azure Blob storage

And last but not least, managing IT projects, hands-on experience with Agile IT project management methodology, automating and streamlining processes with Microsoft technology, REST API, and integrations.

In addition, you are:

  • An excellent verbal and written communicator
  • Able to work with both technical and non-technical collaborators to diagnose problems
  • Ability to create opportunities in opaque environments
  • Considered by those who know you to have an all-around savvy for all things web based

We’d love the following, but they’re nice-to-haves:

  • Experience developing web pages/sites using html/css
  • Programming experience with JavaScript or other languages
  • Experience working in a technical client support capacity

If you feel you are the perfect candidate, we look forward to hearing from you! One very important thing to note prior to applying – we are a dog-friendly office therefore if you are not comfortable with furry creatures, this may not be the position for you.

To apply, please submit your resume with a cover letter to hr@vrxstudios.com.

Image Editor - Full-Time

VRX Studios
Vancouver, BC

VRX Studios, the global photography studio of choice for over 17,000 hotels in 128 countries, is continuing to grow, and is hiring an Image Editor.

For over 14 years, our team of professional photographers and image editors have created award-winning architectural images. Demand for our images from our clients is higher than ever and we are looking for a full-time Image Editor to join our team in-house immediately, working from our Gastown studio in Vancouver, BC.

As an Image Editor, you will be responsible for editing and retouching still architectural images, lifestyle images, and virtual tours for our many high-end clients. To be considered for this position, candidates should possess a mastery of advanced Adobe Photoshop techniques, including custom paths, channels, layer blending, and adjustment layers, and should be able to demonstrate advanced knowledge of the tools therein.

VRX Studios offers competitive compensation and an employee benefits plan to full-time employees. If you are a professional Image Editor with extensive experience editing and retouching photographs, especially HDR photography and architectural images, we’d love to hear from you. Please send an email to hr@vrxstudios.com with a copy of your resume and link to your online portfolio (if applicable).

This is an in-house position and is only open to candidates currently living in the lower mainland.

**Please note** 
All applicants will be required to complete an online test that takes approximately 1-2 hours to complete. The images are architectural in nature, and similar to what you will edit on a daily basis in this role.

Food and beverage photography of a bunch of asparagus from Ciragan Palace Kempinski in Istanbul
Human Element photography of woman walking through Aristo Spa at Hotel Jen Male Maldives
Food and beverage photography of a bunch of asparagus from Ciragan Palace Kempinski in Istanbul
Human Element photography of woman walking through Aristo Spa at Hotel Jen Male Maldives
Detail photography of king bed and night stand at The Cosmopolitan Hotel TriBeCaDetail photography of king bed and night stand at The Cosmopolitan Hotel TriBeCa